• Start 9:00 PM - 11 Aug 2016
  • End
  • The Chapel, San Francisco, CA.
  • 415.602.5439
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It’s a fact that the Mission District has changed a lot to give space for the new. If you have lived here for 4 years or more, you’ve seen plenty of cool little nooks and dives disappear. One thing that has managed to keep a oat though, is a group of individuals best known for their constant funky events and activities, namely the hot latin event SF managed to keep intact, the BRAZA! party. Rethinking concepts and keeping the ame alive, they partnered up with one of the most prestigious live music venues in the Bay Area, e Chapel. e partnership promises to refresh the local night life scene, this month bringing you a Brazilian Funk Dance Party with an up-and-coming line-up of bands, and [well known] DJs. Chillaquiles, Namorados da Lua, the local dub legend, J-Boogie Dubtronic (OM Records), and the proli c global bass addict, Izzy Wise (Afrolicious/Hi-Life), are coming together for an unforgettable evening of tropical music storm, Saturday, July 30th.

BRAZA! – an adaptation of the Portuguese word brasa, which means ember – is not your typical top 40’s party. Well, perhaps because it selects not only today’s modern world sounds, but also hits that made your mom drop her panties in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Rare grooves, found only by those who dig deep into dusty crates from all over the planet, are also the big reason why this collective party came to life.

Started back in 2009 by three Bay Area vinyl collectors/DJs, Kento Tanaka, Elan Kamesar, and Vanka, plus one talented musician/producer, Antonio Guedes, the event have had glamorous highlights in its almost 7 years of event productions. Names like: Nu-Mark (Jurassic Five), Spinna (BBE / Rawkus Records), DJ Nuts (Marcelo D2), Maga Bo (Tru oughts), Marcelinho da Lua (Bossacucanova), LEFTO (Blue Note), and so many other remarkable artists, took control of BRAZA!’s console in an unprecedented fashion, bringing forward Brazilian/Latin avoured sets exclusively picked for the occasion. In addition to that, the party won SF Hottest Monthly Party, chosen by SF Weekly readers, and it was the o cial music production company for the Macy’s Brasil Flower Festival, in 2012.

e night of July 30th will showcase two of many local up-and-coming Brazilian bands, Chillaquiles, and Namorados da Lua, plus the dub producer, J-Boogie Dubtronic, and Izzy Wise.

Chillaquiles features an original Brazilian sound, with a psychedelic musical twist, orbiting around funk, disco, rock, reggae, jazz, amazon rhythms, latin, and afro in uences. e band’s leader, Antonio Guedes (also, BRAZA!’s co-founder), grew up playing in an array of di erent bands, from folkloric groups to rock, from pop to obscure jam bands. He invited musicians from past projects to engage in a wider musical experience, to create an inspiring ow of events and cultural expressions, which now de nes Chillaquiles’ sound spectrum. e band’s name makes reference to the neighborhood in which it was conceived, e Mission, in which Guedes (like many of it’s World citizens) came to know the profusion of Latin culture through music and food. “ ere are no two things that bring people together more than food, and music,” says Antonio, “And that’s what made us choose this delicious name. It relates to the air we breathe, and the sounds we play.”

Namorados Da Lua – translated from Portuguese as “Moon Lovers” – is the newest Brazilian band to hit the Bay Area. e band unites Brazilian and North American musicians with a common love of creating music with a positive message through a blend of diverse styles, incorporating musical in uences from reggae, jazz, pop, rock and funk as well as Brazilian samba, forró, and Axe carnival music. eir music brings unstoppable driving rhythms, ery lyrical grooves, harmonious instrumentation and original funk that makes them irresistibly danceable for any audience.

San Francisco resident and world-renowned DJ/producer, J Boogie, continues to challenge the boundaries of the music world across genres, styles, languages and borders throughout his 20-year career. is truly unique artist speaks to his listeners through a diverse musical language he created integrating techniques and musical genres including downtempo, dub, hip–hop, soul, reggae, funk, African, Latin, bhangra, dancehall, disco, electro, bass, tropical, dubstep and house. Constantly revolutionizing the game, creating new sounds, and always keeping fans on their feet, J-Boogie continues to lift music to its full potential through his distinct approach and one-of-a-kind style.

San Francisco based Izzy Wise – aka Isaac Weiser – rst started performing music in his Dad’s Klezmer band as a teenager. As the multi instrumentalist began learning new instruments and collecting records, so came the in ux of di erent styles and cultures of music. Having played in many bands performing reggae, afrobeat, funk, rock, hip hop, klezmer, drum n bass, and latin styles, this versatile performer began producing his own music and deejaying in 2007. Combining his knowledge of multiple instruments, sound reinforcement, and his love of mixing music from di erent cultures, we now have the electro world dub mashup that is Izzy Wise’s music.

Guedes is also releasing his production company, G Events, which will foster similar future gatherings around the Bay. Last month, when the partnership between the venue and the party BRAZA! started, a call came last minute for him to come up with an event plan for a last time